BioPBS - Green sustainable plastic

BioPBS - Green sustainable plastic

BioPBSTM is a flexible aliphatic polyester, fully biodegradable and compostable, with similar properties to polyolefins like LDPE / HDPE.

Key features

  • Heat resistance
  • Compostable, including home composting
  • Superior heat-sealing
  • Food contact
  • Good printability
  • Compatible with natural fibers
  • Mutual compatibility with other biodegradable plastics such as polylactic acid (PLA)










Health and safety compliance:

Registered 'Positive List (PL)' of Japan Hygienic Olefine and Styrene Plastics Association (specific grades only).

The various grades of BioPBS are certified according the following standards:
AIB (Belgium) - Dincerto (Germany) - BPI (USA) - JBPA (Japan)

Suitable for

  • Injection & blow molding
  • Cast film extrusion & blown film


  • Shopping and bio waste bags
  • Flexible and rigid packaging (film, thermoforming, injection molding)
  • Nonwovens & monofilaments
  • Catering products
  • Extrusion coating and lamination
  • Foamed applications


Degradability of BioPBS coated paper




Main properties

  • Bio-degradable / Compostable
  • Food contact